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How it Works?

There may be several instances in life when you have to take care of unexpected expenses. Expenses incurred in medical emergencies, house repairs and other such things may catch you off guard and without any arrangement to handle them. Applying for loan at banks can prove to be really difficult. The procedure takes lot of time and in emergency situations, wasting time is something you can never afford. In such a case, short term loans can be really handy and can help you tackle the emergency situation quiet easily. can help you get a short term loan immediately, even when you have had a bad credit history.


The Process


The process of getting a short term loan is usually completed within 1-2 business days of submitting an application. To make things easier and speed up the procedure, it is advisable to provide correct information and submit an application earlier in the day. The entire short term loan process is really simple:

1. Fill in an online form: You would start by filling a small and simple online application form. Completing the form would take two minutes and this form would serve as you short term request form.

2. We take your application to lenders: We have a network of over 300 lenders who can provide you a short term loan of up to $1000 within a business days. Our major advantage lies in the fact that we take your application to multiple lenders so that you get multiple competing offers. Once a money lender approves your application, you would hear back with the proposal and terms and conditions governing it.

3. Final offer, but no obligations: As soon as a money lender approves your request, you would receive a final offer. or its associated lenders never put our customers under any sort of obligation to accept an offer. Accepting an offer is completely on the discretion of the applicant. The customer has the right to refuse an offer if he thinks the terms and conditions are not suitable.

4. Accept the offer, receive the money: Once you accept an offer, you would be asked to provide your electronic signature on the document listing the terms and conditions. This electronic signature would indicate that you have accepted the offer. Once accepted, the lender would wire the money to your bank within a business day. In some cases the transfer is done in even an hour post providing the signature.

5. Repaying the loan: As a general procedure, the entire loan amount, interest and all applicable fees is deducted from your account on a date mentioned in the final offer. This way there are lesser chances of any late payment because you forget to pay the amount on time. In case you feel that paying the amount by the due date would not be possible for you, you can always contact the lender directly and ask for an extension in the due date. This extension is on the discretion of the lender and would involve additional charges.


The benefits of short term loans


Short term loans can be highly beneficial in meeting emergency financial needs as compared to conventional loans from banks. When you are applying for a loan from a bank, you would have to go through a lengthy application procedure followed by a thorough background check. The entire procedure can take up to two weeks. Getting a loan from a bank may become impossible in case you have a poor credit history. However, all this is taken care of by short term loans. Short term loans have a very small application procedure, immediate loan disbursement and most importantly, your credit history is seldom taken into consideration. The entire procedure of applying for the loan to the disbursement of loan amount to your bank account usually takes less than two business days. This makes short term loans the most suitable option to meet your emergency financial requirements. How do I know if I can am eligible for application? The application eligibility criteria for short term loans are very simple. Traditional loans from banks have a long list of eligibility points that a borrower has to meet. All these points are hard to meet by a common man.


In general, all borrowers are expected to meet the below mentioned points:


1. Must be aged 18 years or older. Minors are not considered eligible.

2. Should be living and working in the United States legally.

3. Must have a valid bank account

4. Have a valid contact address, email address and telephone number. 5. Should be employed with the current employer for a minimum of three months 6. Should have a minimum eligible income, depending upon the amount of loan applied for.

If you meet these basic eligibility criteria, you are good to apply for a short term loan through I meet the eligibility criteria, but I have a bad credit history.


Am I eligible?


Our lenders would consider your application without giving any weightage to your credit history. This is how our services differ from the loan services that banks and credit card companies offer. Our lenders would only verify your financial position with a bureau in order to ensure that you do not have any outstanding short term loan in your name and that you are presently not in a state of bankruptcy.

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